Cures A-Z Recenzje App

Well done

I paid the price to upgrade and can honestly say I reference this often. I just wish they would add more content and update their current info from time to time.


I've been using this app since 2008. I found it by chance while on a desperate mission to find alternative & true root cause cures & treatments, after suffering a horrible surgical malpractice. Which lead to me being diagnosed with a rare and incurable neurological condition called CRPS (aka RSD). Finding this app & learning about Dr T. was truly a God-sent. Especially at a time when I nearly died because every doctor that saw me either refused to help me at all or simply referred me to another specialist, so they wouldn't have any part in helping someone who was literally dying because of another dr's mistake. Which relates to one of the main reasons I believe Dr T is truly one of the best practicing dr's in the world. And I say this because he goes against 99% of traditional medical practices. And actually treats medical conditions by addressing the root cause. And even more amazing and at complete odds from regular medical practice which is completely driven by the pharmaceutical industry. He uses both traditional and alternative medicine, all depending on which one will best help cure & treat the root problem and your bodies overall health. Lastly I don't agree that this app is a sales pitch because "yes" the app includes links to books and other products. But it's offered as a choice to help you if your interested in further resources & supplement treatments that are directly related to what your reading about. It's not pop up ads or any other form of user face intrusion. Just links that I have personally found beyond helpful, especially the supplements offered on Dr T's website. [I will ad that my testimony is my own personal experience in benefiting from this apps great abundance of knowledge. And that I am in no way professionally linked to this app in any shape or form. I am simply an iPhone user that was blessed by discovering this amazing resource.

Great resource!

I use natural approaches to treat health problems whenever I can. But I also appreciate prescriptive options when that's the better way to go. This app is an excellent roundup of both!


In a world where drug companies rule what info doctors get, it's good to have the solid science on how to use the best of natural and standard medicine- in an easy to use form!

It's one big sales pitch

Most of the entries in this free version have this addendum: "NOTE: This condition has been revised with newer information only available in the premium version of this app. To learn more and to upgrade, tap the "Cures A-Z+" button in the main toolbar below." There are also links to product websites and references to the author's book, where, we are told, more information is to be found. And I just wasn't impressed with the limited information presented here.

Wonderfully enriching app

This app is extremely helpful to learn about health, nutrition, wellness, and natural remedies. Thank you so much Dr. T for this wealth of information!

Gift to Humanity

I can't express strongly enough how valuable this app is. I use it frequently, even in my office practice. I am grateful that Dr. T keeps updating it. He is a rare practitioner that actually knows what he is talking about! Thank you again and please keep this app alive!

Eczema help please!

Would love to see information on eczema!

Love Love

This is a wonderful app with a wealth of information and a beautiful and easy design.

Like this App.

This is a very helpful App. I use it often. Thank you!

Should be spray and stretch

Not visa-versa. The two therapists I work with thought I got it transposed. However I like some of the information located in here.


This app has been very helpful and informative. Gives great advice and and has a lot of info.

Good app!

Good app recommends good products!

Loves this medical app

As a medical student, it is a great reference. Love this app.

The best self help app!

I'm so greatful 4 the knowledge this app has provided in the natural ways that I can help myself instead of running to the doc 'that only gives meds to treat the symptom'. I have learned now how to get rid of the problem just by adding a natural supplement & or changing my food habits, I'm completely impressed by this app!!! Thank you for changing my life...

A Handy App

This is a great little app! I use it often to check out remedies for life's ailments. It's great to find natural protocols and nutritional guidance. I'm in my 60's and I do not take any medications but I do eat healthy and take supplements. The advice on the app has proved worthwhile time and again!

Great ap!

Useful concise info

Needs iPhone 5 support

Needs iPhone 5 support!!

My goto app for health

This is my favorite app for health information. Good summaries with just enough detail. Very comprehensive.

Used to be my favorite App.

This App used to be my favorite Appstore App, but then it started having more crashes than I-35 after a while as the developer continued to make updates to it. The App seems to only crash on Jailbroken iPhones. Why is that?

Crashes upon opening

This is a fairly decent app for natural remedies; however, it will not open since the last update.

Crashes upon starting

This app is on my iPod. It crashes upon starting the app.

Good app

This app has helped me a lot!

Cures atoz

App open but crashes immediately please update ios6.1 3gs. Thanks


Please update. It does nothing but crash on iOS 6.1.2


A very good app. One of the doctors listed in the "find a provider" link, was very successful in treating my wife's chronic Lyme Disease. Which was misdiagnosed by numerous other physicians.

Fantastic and Accurate

It's refreshing to know an app exists with natural alternatives to unnatural substances.

Excellent App!!!

Very informative.





Great app

Awesome info!

The very best!

I have been searching for an app like this and I finally found it! It has all the answers and everything you need . It has really helped me and I'm really thankful for it! No more running to the drs, pharmacist , or even natural food stores or holistic drs! You don't even have to ask friends or relatives for these type of answers having to do with vitamins, minerals , herbs or which ones to take for what! It's right at your fingertips! Treatments, cures , preventatives , causes are some of the items this app list to help you! Very informative!!! Try it out if your more into holistic or natural medicine for treatments ! You'll love it , just like I do !!!

Good Information

Lots of detail, good summaries Gives you a better perspective to understand issues I recommend to use other sources as well, to ensure you have the best overall info


Easy to use and great information. Highly recommend this app for your good health.

Very Informative!!!

The information is comprehensive.


One of my favorite apps on my phone.

Great app

Highly recommend!

Good app

Very informative. Many Helpful advices.

Love it

It's the first thing I go to! The only thing it needs is more stuff- I'd even pay for more.


Informative and easy to use.


Very helpful info, in most cases. Very useful cures for most all minor symptoms of illnesses or health problems!


Why can't I open this app when I download it?? Can some one please help.

Celiac and other issues

It does not have anything on Celiac Disease or Glutein anywhere. Also it crashes alot. It has a section for feedback but doesnt work. Needs a few more patches in order to b sufficient.

Wonderful App

I love this app. It's very informative and detailed. Conditions are explained clearly and well defined. Holistic medicine under a Dr's supervision is far less expensive and just as effective as traditional medicine.


I can't get over the criticism for this FREE app!!! How much do you think It would cost you to ask your Doctor for this information? Some people have to find fault with everything. It's free and it has been working for thousands of years.


Works great on my iPhone 4!!!

Long time user of this app, but with new version upgrade only crashes ... Please fix bug ... Thank u

Fix bug

It crashed upon opening!

I can't use it!

Doesn't work

No need to download it. It doesn't open anymore.

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