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Verry well but ..

Hi, its a verry good apllication, but i cant understand everythings.. Maybe can you translate it ? In french :)


I learned that Dr. Teitelbaum went through chronic fatigue himself. That makes him more passionate and empathetic than many. I found his material very informative and helpful. Lets keep on thinking, studying and analyzing-for its an amazing puzzle to be solved, and (as Dr. T. says:) medicin is science as well as an art. Many people and doctors fail in both areas, so let s learn and observe properly. A good doctor will at least listen and try his best - that is my impression of what Jacob Teitelbaum does! Mike


Can I give it 10 stars????? I can not believe the a load of unbelievably benefitial information it provides! It answered exectly what I was looking for for the last 6 months. It is obsolutely amazing, easy to use, has a news section, and a blog!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it

Nice to have a reference right in the palm of my hand. Thanks a bunch

Great App

Lots of good information.

are u serious?

How is tylenol a natural cure??

Great Program

Anyone who wants more information on what can be done about common medical issues will greatly benefit from this application. It is a fabulous reference to have at your fingertips and is a good resource to have. Great information for people with fibromyalgia.

Perfect app

What a perfect app. I cant believe its free!


this is a wonderfull idea for something that you might need on the spot info... Like a speach or other school projects... nstuff...


Wow?... Tylenol is a natural cure.


Tylenol is a natural cure because it uses all natural products to help you, and thats what it says on my tylenol box right now.

Bias advice from author

The author offers high cost solutions to purchase products that only he has to offer or a friend of his. I have had a homeopathic physician for years and none of the remedies are even close to providing an accurate natural solution. The author claims they can cure cancer if you buy a $500 report and call a number at $95/hour to help you understand the report.

Easy to use

Im surprised that no one reviewed this app yet. Its simple and provides a wide variety of health problems with suggestions for treatments and preventions. However, I was misled by the title, thinking this app provides info for home/natural remedies. I know there are many websites that have info on the nutritional value of food, but having them at the tip of your finger is much more convient. Maybe in future updates, you can add that for general knowledge since the nutrition section only recommends the daily dosage of vital supplements.

I spent an hour looking at this ap


accuracy concerns

The title is a little misleading; the app really deals with nutritional approaches to health with minimal emphasis on complimentary therapies. (Should be called nutritional cures.) While providing some good common sense approaches to nutrition, I REALLY question the scientific accuracy of some of the content. The authors seem to have limited knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and their ideas of cause and effect simply dont make sense physiologically. When listing the etiological factors for different diseases, they also overlook some major (and serious) illnesses. Although the idea is nice and some suggestions are great, Id approach this app with caution.


No bugs no glitches no crashes! Great and my grandmother picked it up and was impressed! This lady wont go near a tv remote to save her life!


Really good

Not worth it

Has very little information but tells you how to cure Brest cancer LOL

Missing info

Its ok for someone who knows nutting. Missing so many problems and so many problems missing key ingredients


This program answers alot of questions ur not going to find out from ur GP or Health Professiona they are not up to date neither is your nutritionist!!! Get Educated!!!

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